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Account Control

Account Control

Your publication can easily give a particular client any type of link. You can set the default so that all clients receive certain links for free. Most importantly, the system can be configured for the client to purchase any links online at any time. You set the pricing, duration and availability of each item. The system is credit card enabled - or paypal enabled.

Once a User has authenticated their access with a username/password combination you control, they'll have access to friendly controls and on-line help for editing their content on your site.

There are previews at virtually every step so that even the most timid client can manage their experience.

22nd century"Linear Publishing is a great company to work with. Their flexible CMS handles all aspects of our editorial publishing, ad placement, and website design. The best part is that they are just a phone call away whenever we need a custom solution to exactly meet our needs. In the ever-changing world of online publishing, that is a must-have."

Matt Arroyo
Director of Online Operations
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04 - 01 - 20