April 02 11:14 AM
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Struggling in grip of health crisis

Palmyra family about out of financial options

Jim and Janet Gilbrech and their two young children - Jessica Lynn, 6, and James Billy Ray, 5 - don't know where to turn next. They've struggled to make ends meet - or at least to keep them as close as they can - and they're about out of options.more marker

Northside Tragedy

Fire claims three lives. Arson suspected.

A new bridge joining Crawford and Harrison counties at Milltown took a major step toward becoming a reality last Tuesday, when the Crawford County Board of Commissioners voted 3-0 in favor of a two-lane span just upstream of the current single-lane structure.more marker

Council officials give assurances to Crawford YSB

Several Indiana counties, including Crawford, are feeling the pinch of financial shortages due to last year's delayed property tax billing and the need to borrow money to pay bills, which then led to interest on money that was borrowed.more marker

Comfort House relocates main office to Corydon

However, it will maintain services at Milltown

Comfort House has moved its main offices to Corydon, but the child advocacy center will keep a satellite office in Milltown, making what it considers the best of situations for those its serves in both counties.more marker

CARES optimistic despite funding crunch

Kim Grizzel, director of the CARES before- and after-school and summer program for Crawford County students in grades kindergarten through eight, said renewal of federal grant dollars, while promising, doesn't appear imminent, but she and other officials remain motivated to keep the program going.more marker

Author and Column Threading

Your Linear system can automatically include threads linking to related author submissions or column submissions. This example features a thread along the left with links to recent offerings from the author.more marker

G'town Council considers maintenance contract

Automotive and equipment maintenance was at the top of the list at last Tuesday's Georgetown Town Council meeting as two local auto repair businesses made proposals for a contract with the town. Denny Merritt, owner of Merritt Auto Service and who has had the contract, gave the board a list of services his business offers and gave prices on regular maintenance items, like oil changes, tires and parts.more marker

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