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Here is a page created for a Restaurant Guide. This features targeted rotating ads (Banner Ads top and bottom, 2 Tombstone Ads within the right directories, Body Ads are disabled for filter column, a dedicated Pop Open Ad, custom colors and graphics. Chez Widget's has the only Print Display Ad (the dog on the right) targeted for the restaurant ads. Upgraded directory listings appear first in larger type.

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voted best family restaraunt 2006
1. Chez Widgets

Address: 1901 Borad Ripple Ave, indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: 432-5432
Fax: 317-253-0777
Email: janewidget@hotmail.com
Location: North
Cuisine: American, French
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2. Widgets Galore

Address: 1901 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: 317-888-1212
Email: peterw@aol.com
Location: North
Cuisine: French, Mexican
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A Sample Restaurant

Phone: 567-5432
Location: North
Cuisine: American, French
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voted best family restaraunt 2006
3. Bangkok Blues

Address: 902 East Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: (703) 534-0095
Location: North
Cuisine: Chinese
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4. Boathouse Restaurant

Address: 180 East 71st, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: 317-923-0303
Email: Lookingood@aol.com
Location: West
Cuisine: American, Chinese, French, Italian
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5. Chilipeppers

Address: 6259 North College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: 444-7676
Email: juanabet@aol.com
Location: South
Cuisine: Mexican
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6. Frankie's Firehouse Restaurant

Address: 929 E. Westfield Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: 317-444-7676
Email: sircookalot@aol.com
Location: East
Cuisine: American
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7. Indy's Child Reading and Eating Room

Address: 921 E. 86th St. Suite 130, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: 317-722-8500
Email: mcox@indyschild.com
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8. Karolina Restaurant

Address: 8650 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: 317-555-1212
Location: North
Cuisine: American
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9. Massa's

Address: 4402 North keystone, Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: 232-9901
Location: North
Cuisine: Italian
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voted best family restaraunt 2006
Chez Widgets
1901 Borad Ripple Ave, indianapolis, IN 46220
Widgets Galore
1901 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
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