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Frequenty Asked Questions
Question: Will my web address be mine (i.e. www.mysite.com) or an extension of yours (i.e. www.linearpublishing.com/mysite).

Answer: Your web address will be just yours. The only reference to Linear Publishing on your site will be a footer at the bottom saying "powered by Linear Publishing".

Question: Do you sell ads on my site? Do I share revenue from ads which appear on my site.

Answer: Linear has a simple plan. Any revenue generated is yours. We receive a fixed monthly fee and nothing else. Our contract encourages clients to participate in future shared ad revenue, but any client can decline participation.

Question: Your contract requires me to advertise my Web site in the print edition. Is this point negotiable?

Answer: This clause was added to help you realize success on your Web site. We want our clients to be successful (or we'll get fired!). We are happy to remove this clause, but its really there to help you.

Question: Would I be able to post by own web pages to your server via ftp? I'm not sure I would need to, but I might want to carry over a few pages from the old site.

Answer: Yes, we can set up ftp access to a folder on the site to which you could upload static HTML information.

Question: How much server memory is included in the price?

Answer: While this is rarely an issue, we understand that good fences make good neighbors. Our offering includes 1 gigabyte of storage space. Beyond this limit, clients would be charged and additional $20 per month per additional gigabyte.

Question: How much bandwidth is included in the price?

Answer: Our quoted price includes up to 200,000 page views per month and 5 Gig of transfer. Beyond these limits, clients would be charged $20 per month per additional Gig.

Question: How extensive are the statistics included? Would I be able to track "most visited pages", click throughs, etc.?

Answer: As your content is dynamically created with Linear, tracking traffic within the site can sometimes be challenging, but with a little digging you can find almost any piece of information. A full tour of the statistics portion of our system will quiet any concerns you might have regarding the depth of information.

Question: Do you have an example of your "control panel(s)" available?

Answer: The "Control Panels" are part of the management system and can only be accessed with a password. Some "screen shot" examples are included within our web site, but after a few minutes tour of the management system you'll have a full understanding of the Linear interface.

Question: How flexible is your training schedule? Can I save some of the sessions for later when I'm ready to add more features, or can I save some of the hours for other members of my staff?

Answer: The training is very flexible. Also, we maintain an extensive online tutorial and manual for our customers. Nobody uses every feature of the system, but when you want to learn a new aspect the online tools will be your first weapon. Beyond that, our technical support is free and we are happy to help with anything.

That being said, if you have a personnel change in the future and want Linear to "re-train" a new user, there would be a $100 per hour training fee. Typically, any portion of the system (i.e. Editorial) can be trained in less than one (1) hour.
smiley pete"Linear publishing has provided a turnkey solution for Mile High Newspapers that far exceeds anything that we could have accomplished on our own. While the capabilities of the system are impressive, what I have found most useful is Linear's willingness to implement new features and its ability to support the ones it has. The Linear system has so many features, that one newspaper will never use them all. I have looked at other newspaper content management systems, but have yet to find one that matches Linear's price, tech support and feature set."

Justinian Hatfield
New Media Manager
Mile High Newspapers
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