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Text Inclusions

Sample text Inclusion
The item includes "quote" marks to see the effect when added to the Internet. Other trouble characters such as apostrophes & ampersands don't cause trouble. Text Inclusions will accept HTML coding.

About the only thing the system does when publishing text inclusions is anticipate returns and encode them for the internet.

We hope you can imagine many uses for this type of inclusion. Many editorial pieces include resources for the reader. Sometimes, this can be hard to deliver on the internet, but not with Linear Publishing.
With all our exotic inclusions, it's nice to have one that doesn't do anything. Just paste in your text and let the system present it. While Text inclusions will accept HTML coding for incidental formating (i.e. bold, italics and underlines) the only processing anticipated by the system is assuring that line breaks are converted for the internet.

This Example is the simplest of inclusions. Just some text pasted into a field. If it looks this good with 5 seconds work, imagine how it will improve your site.

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New Multi-Media Embed

We've added a new multi-media feature available to Editorial items and Blog entries. Easily allows users to attach Youtubes, Flash, Audio, Web Pages, Quicktime Movies and extended images. The attached ...more»
Featured Restaurant
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Chez Widgets

1901 Borad Ripple Ave
indianapolis, IN 46220
This is a sample description for Chez Widgets in the restaurant guide. They would describe their food, environment and policies. You can have limits on directory listings to prevent entries from being »
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Sample Media Group
This inclusion groups media files into a single source.
Colts Links
In case you want to learn more about the Colts, here are some Web resources.
Online Encyclopedia
Enter keyword(s) and let Wikipedia look it up.
Linear Examples
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Frame Example

One of our coolest design features is the ability to place frames around items.

You an use countless frame designs. The frames are configured to expand and contract with the content, so the integrity of the site is always maintained.
Top Calendar Events
Broad Ripple Art Fair
Kids' Stage features Idiophonic Rhythms with Bill Bailey at 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm.
Summer Day Camp
Indiana Academy of Fine & Performing Arts is Now Enrolling for Summer Day Camp in the Arts.
04 - 05 - 20
Linear Wows
Five things we do that our competitors don't.
  1. Cool Letters - personalized HTML email
  2. Manuals and Tours - Internet based presentations.
  3. Community Publishing - over 20 solutions
  4. Site Customization - every color, dimension, font and visual
  5. Print Display Ads

Map It
Enter address information and we'll produce a Google map.

Recent Birthdays
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American screen legend and two-time Academy Award-winning actress Bette Davis made her Hollywood debut in 1931 and, after several flops, won acclaim for her role in 1934's Of Human Bondage ...
iconMcKinley Morganfield, AKA Muddy Waters (1913)
As a teenager in Mississippi, Waters played traditional country blues, but after settling in Chicago in the 1940s, he switched to a more urban style with amplified instruments...