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Incorporated Messaging System

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Your Linear system features a state-of-the-art messenger system allowing registered users of your Web community to reach out to other users (click here to see our example). Like all Linear features, you may disable the Messenger portion of your system if your site will not offer this feature.

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The Messenger system can act as a stand-alone system where users must pay an annual fee (much like a personals system), or as part of the Site User system where new accounts would automatically be provisioned Messenger capabilities. This site is configured with Messenger functionality as part of the Super User interface.

If configured as a "personals" system, your Linear system would probably have categories (i.e. "Men Seeking Women and "Women Seeking Men:, etc.) as the first page when browsing the user profiles.

Profiles: Registered users can manage their profile. When posted to the site, a user's profile is visible to either all other users or the general public depending on how you configure the software.

Profiles can have both a short and long version - you control the maximum character length of the short version. Also, the Linear system allows you to define 10 additional fields to be included in profiles (i.e. "Your favorite books", etc.). Of course, profiles can also include visuals.

Profiles are fully searchable.

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Messages: Only registered users can send messages. Simply click on a user's name and a small window opens to send a message. It's that simple. The received message will include a link to the sender's profile along with links to save, delete and reply to the message. Although seldom used, there is also a link to "block" the sender from sending further messages - and a link to "report" an offensive message. You, of course, receive notification of reported messages for action.

Users can easily retrieve all messages, new messages or saved messages. When listed, messages always appear in chronological order (most recent first). With any received message, click on the sender's name and the system will retrieve all messages (not deleted) from the sender.

Groups: Your Messenger system allows you as the administrator and/or your registered users to create groups which multiple members can join. When messages are sent to Groups, all the current members receive the message. Individuals can cancel a group membership at anytime.

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Joining a group depends on how the group is configured. New membership can be open to the public, available upon request or by invitation only. Further, groups can be public or private. Public groups can be browsed - Private Groups are invisible only to the members.

Imagine the PTA forming a group and inviting members to join! Traffic to your Web site = more valuable ad space.

Friends List: Registered users can maintain a "friends list". Within a user's profile is a link requesting to add the user to your friends list. The That user can either accept, decline or reciprocate in adding you to their friends list. Users can easily retrieve a list of their friends - even send one message simultaneously to all the users on their friends list.

A user can remove themselves from another's friends list at anytime.

Bookmarks: This feature of the Messenger system allows a user to "bookmark" another user. this does not require acceptance by the bookmarked user, but the system does not allow for a single message to be sent to all bookmarked users - rather it is a convenience list.

Codes: The personal system allows you to pre-define codes which users can assign to their profiles. Codes might be "SWM" for Single White Male or "Smk" for Smoker. When other users are searching the profiles, they can easily select among the codes to further refine their search results. These Codes can be disabled when first configuring your Linear Messenger system.

22nd century"Linear Publishing is a great company to work with. Their flexible CMS handles all aspects of our editorial publishing, ad placement, and website design. The best part is that they are just a phone call away whenever we need a custom solution to exactly meet our needs. In the ever-changing world of online publishing, that is a must-have."

Matt Arroyo
Director of Online Operations
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