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Super Users is a single entry point for a Web client to access a broad array of tools for adding and managing content on your Web site.

Linear Publishing was first conceived as a system to help manage print publication business data on the internet - not to build Web sites. After all the publication's internal data was flowing through the management system, we thought it would be a good idea to use the data to generate a public Web site.

In it's original conception, we thought a publication would want a tool for including the advertiser on the Web site. So we included a username/password interface where an advertiser could edit their information (i.e. calendar listings, coupons, directory listings - and about 20 others!) on the web site. We called this "CAPS" - Community and Advertiser Publishing Solution (see CAPS).

As Linear grew, we needed to add a solution to make portions of the Web site subscriber based so that paid publications could limit much or all of their content to paid subscribers (see Subscribers). So we included a username/password interface where a subscriber could log in, sign up and edit their subscriber information.

As community content became more important on the Internet (i.e. Forums, Comments, Photo Galleries, etc.) Linear designed "Shoe Box" as a solution (see Shoe Box). Again, we included a username/password interface where a Shoe Box User could sign up, log in and manage their contributions to the Web site.

In response to "Craig's List" Linear designed a Free Classifieds solution (see Free Classifieds). Again, we included a username/password interface where a Free Classified User could sign up, log in and manage their classifieds on the Web site.

As a solution for Personals/Messaging Linear designed yet another username/password interface where a subscriber could log in, sign up and edit their profile, send and receive messages, review other profiles and join groups (see Messenger).

With our on-line store and shopping cart solution (see Site Store), client's asked for a tool where frequent shoppers could manage their billing and shipping information and review previous purchases. Naturally, we designed a username/password interface where store shoppers could create and manage their shopping account.

With all these username/password interfaces, we logically arrived at the decision to create a single entry point where a user could sign up and be provisioned all these benefits from a single interface. As the manager of the Web site, you control what specific features will be tied to a single Super User account.

Signing Up and Logging In: The system can be configured to disable on-line sign up for a Site User account (disabled on this site), but typically you'd allow the general public to create a free account. During the sign up process, the system will email an activation link to the new user to authenticate their email address.

Initially, the system will use the account's email address as the unique username. This assures that there are no duplications within the site. Also, if you block an email address from the site, that user will no longer be able to add content (using that email address).

Once an account has been activated, the user will adopt all the default settings and permissions for your site. The user will only see the tools which are available to them. Each screen includes a help link to guide the user through the process of managing their information.

Each User has a dedicated image folder where they can upload their images. Uploaded images will be available wherever the user has been authorized to place images - for example, you might not want a user including an image with their directory listing because this is a nice up-sell.

CAPS interface: If you have enabled the CAPS interface for User accounts, you'll be able to provision to which features (i.e. blog, map, link, coupon - see Legend Links) a Site User account may access. Also, your Linear system can be configured to allow users to acquire additional features at your pricing structure. If permissioned, the user can quickly see the status of all the system's available features. As manager of the site, you can access any individual account and modify their permissions.

Shoe Box interface: If you have enabled the Shoe Box interface (see Shoe Box) with Site User accounts, you'll be able to provision to which features the client may access. Users will adopt the system defaults, but as manager of the site, you can access any individual account and modify their permissions.

For example, your defaults may allow users to upload one image a week and 2 articles a week. Further, the defaults might hold any submissions for your review prior to appearing on the Web site. For a valued and/or trusted user, you can modify their limits, frequencies and posting status.

Exotic tools such as the Juke Box (see Juke Box) can allow users to create playlists from communal music stored on your site.

Free Classifieds Interface: If your Linear system employs the Free Classified system (see Free Classifieds), Site User accounts will be immediately enabled to add and edit classifieds.

At any point, a registered user can turn-off a classified which may no longer be pertinent (he sold the widget - Yeah!)

Messenger interface: If you have enabled the Personals/Messenger interface (see Messenger) with Site User accounts, the user will have immediate access to their Messenger tools.

They'll begin by editing their profile for the Web site. Other Web visitors (you can restrict to Messenger users) can browse and read profiles. With a click, registered users can send messages to other users on your site.

If you have enabled the "Groups" feature in the Messenger, users can browse groups to join. When messages are sent to Groups, all the members receive a copy. Other Messenger features include Bookmarks, Friends lists, Blocking and Flagging.

Other Interfaces: You get the idea. Site Users will have access to any permissioned point within your Site including Subscriber proiveleges and a Shopping Account.

Click Here for an on-site example of the Site User interface.

smiley pete"Linear publishing has provided a turnkey solution for Mile High Newspapers that far exceeds anything that we could have accomplished on our own. While the capabilities of the system are impressive, what I have found most useful is Linear's willingness to implement new features and its ability to support the ones it has. The Linear system has so many features, that one newspaper will never use them all. I have looked at other newspaper content management systems, but have yet to find one that matches Linear's price, tech support and feature set."

Justinian Hatfield
New Media Manager
Mile High Newspapers
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