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Blasts are values which can be purchased on your web site and then redeemed with a retailer/vendor for a value greater than the purchase price. Typically, a Blast offers can be used to help a business develop new customers, launch a new product line and increase business during off-hours.

As an example, a retailer/vendor could offer a Blast worth $100 in goods or services at a price of $60. The offer for redemption may be limited to specific hours of the day or days of the week. This helps the retailer/vendor increase customer traffic during off-hours.

As an added benefit, the vendor/retailer also gets immediate access to the purchase cash while the redemption voucher/process may only be used at a future date.

Simple Steps
When launching a Blast to your Linear web site, here are the basic steps:

1. Sell a Blast to your customer. You determine the financial model - maybe a percentage of the total blast or maybe a flat fee. As with all things Linear, we have no participation in the finances.

2. Create the Blast for the customer. In addition to the basic title, description and optional image, a Blast item will have key values for:
  • On/Off Controls to absolutely determine if the Blast is visible on the web site.

  • Start and Stop Dates.

  • Total Blasts available (no more can be purchased after the total is reached)

  • Maximum Blasts per person

  • Paypal Account for Blast Purchases (the customer's Paypal account or yours)

  • Optional Email notification for Blast Purchases

  • Password for remote Blast purchase reviews

  • Price for a single Blast

  • Optional view tracking for the client

  • Redemption Method (Printed List and/or QR Code Voucher)
3. View the Blast item on your Website - full preview options. The actual Blast item will not appear on the website until the predefined start date (although "Peeking" controls allow a Blast to be seen, but not purchased, prior to the start date).

4. Provide the customer with the link and password so they can monitor purchases.

Some notable features to our Blast system:
You Name It: We actually had meetings about what to call this portion of Linear. Obviously, in arriving at "Blasts" there was not a lot of agreement. Hence, the first thing you will want to set in your "Blast Defaults" is the system name. This site uses the name "Daily Deals".

Peeking: You can allow web-visitors to see Blasts before they are available for purchase.

Member Early Access: Your defaults can be configured to allow registred members to purchase Blasts before the general public.

Multiple Redemption Methods: Most businesses will us the printed list for tracking redemptions; however, the customer may prefer the "peace of mind" with a printed voucher.
  • Printed List: Can be accessed through the website with a password. Each Blast purchase will include the contact information of the purchaser, the name of the recipient, purchase date, receipt code, and redemption date.time. The list can be sorted by date, recpient or purchaser.

  • QR Code Voucher: The QR Code Voucher can be printed by the purchaser and presented to the retailer. Each voucher includes the purchase date and recipient name which can be cross-checked to the printed list. Also, the QR code on the voucher can be scanned producing a link which (provided the passord has been entered) which will automatically update the the list with the date and time of the voucher redemption - or report the date/time the voucher was previously redeemed.

Sample Links:
A list of all sample Blasts on the site. Obviously, these are ficticious offerings. The Blasts can be categorized.

Link to a Specific Blast item.

Sample View Tracking for a Blast customer

Sample Purchase report for a Blast customer (password "bigboypants")

Sample QR Voucher

smiley peteFor a small publishing company, with large amounts of content, wanting to make an impressive charge into cyberspace, without prior web-publishing experience, Linear Publishing delivered everything we needed, and even options we didn't know existed, in a quick and effective manner.

Linear's staff worked with us to make sure we had the site we wanted, and the software provided is easy and vast for continuous changes and improvements.

Within a month of launching, the results have already gone well beyond hopes and expectations. I recommend Linear Publishing as far as somebody is allowed to make a recommendation.

Robbie Clark
Web editor
Smiley Pete Publishing
06 - 17 - 21