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Print Display Ads

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Want another tool for bringing your print advertiser to your Web site? How about an easy process for placing a copy of their original print ad within your site?


Linear Publishing's "Print Ad Converter" will take an original print ad, convert it and automatically place it according to your wishes.

Example: In this example, there are 5 print display ads scheduled to appear. The page is configured to show 2 print display ads in the far right side directory and 1 print display ad embedded within the editorial - so the ads will rotate. Typically, you'll have more ads than space available.

Fixed Frequency and Weighting: Since Print Display Ads have a very limited life span - they are typically on a Web site for 7 days or less - the weighting and fixed frequency controls do not apply.

Rotation: All ads will rotate assuring that each ad is seen an equal number of times.

Other Print Display Ad Considerations
Links to your print ads can appear in any or all of the following:

Chez Widgets
click to see advertisement
Simply select among your classified categories and a link to the original print ad along with a description will appear atop this classified category.

Ad Groupings
Select the ad grouping with which the print ad will be included. Any Web page using the ad grouping will now include a small picture of the print ad that links to the full-size version. As with other ads, the print ads rotate if there are too many for a single page.

Embedded within Editorial
You may choose to have up to 3 small versions of the print ads included within the body of editorial. These ads will appear on a colored background with the text "click to see advertisement." This too is based on ad groupings so you can deliver print ads in appropriate editorial sections and rotate them.

Advertiser Listings
One page of your Web site is dedicated to listing all current print display advertisers. Each listing will feature a link that opens the original full-size display ad.

Account Links
Best of all, your client's print ad can be linked to its other information (directory listings, calendar listings, coupons, etc.) The display ad is even linked to the client's other print display ads from previous issues.

Third Party Support
Linear has established relationships with third parties to process Print Display Ads for less than $.15 per ad. You can simply FTP your print PDFs to the third party and they will put all the ads on your site.

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