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Linking Ads

Creating and delivering ads on your Web site is a snap, but that's only half the equation. Linking your ads should offer a variety of techniques as well. Naturally, Linear Publishing delivers in spades.

Standard Links: this is a traditional link which simply takes a Web visitor from your site to another site. Any of Linear Publishing's ads can easily be configured with this type link in seconds.

Bar Links: these links are indentical to standard links, but the linked site will feature a colored bar at the top with a link to return to your site. Any of Linear Publishing's ads can easily be configured with this type link in seconds.

Limitless, searchable photos and descriptions make galleries popular tools.
Internal Client Information Links: here, Linear Publishing leaves the competition in the dust. Anybody can link to an advertiser's Web site - Linear Publishing allows you to link to an advertiser's information within your site. Listed below are a few examples:

  1. Client Pages: easily link to pages within your site that you've created for your client. A great tool for your many small advertisers who do not maintain their own Web sites.
  2. Coupons: have a client offering a great value? Build a quick coupon on your site and create an ad linking directly to it.
  3. Contests: link directly to a client's entry form for an online contest. No worries - the entries are e-mailed to your client, not you.
  4. Photo Gallery: maintain a virtual tour of your client's facilty, inventory or success stories. Easy to build - and easy to link to from your ads.
  5. Much, much more: link to your client's calendar, e-mail lists, guest book, sign-up forms, showroom, advertorial, bulletin, etc.

Internal Site Links: you'll want to promote new features within your site. For instance, once you've created a restaurant directory with paid listings - let the Web visitor know about it! Here are some internal links easily created within your site:

  1. Directory Categories: link directly to any one or group of directory categories.
  2. Classified Categories: link directly to any one or group of classified categories.
  3. Editorial Issue: link directly to a special editorial issue you have created. This is a great tool for the supplemental editorial editions you publish throughout the year.
  4. Photo Gallery: create multiple photo galleries. From "Meet the Staff" to the "Covered Bridge Festival," you'll be able to promote these unique Internet offerings.
  5. Calendar Categories: link directly to any calendar category.
  6. Custom Pages: create for any purpose. In linking your ads, you'll be able to take the Web visitor straight to whatever pages you create.

SMDP"After years of subpar online publishing services, we discovered the answer to everything we were looking for in Linear Publishing. Linear is so easy to use and so quick to respond that our site was up in no time. Their online manual is invaluable but their staff is also extremely responsive. They have so many features that we may never use but they are there if and when we want to use them. Most recently, we created our mobile site. Within an hour it was up and running. Linear far exceeds their competition and our expectations."

Connie Sommerville
Operations Manager
04 - 06 - 20