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Social Media Integration

Optimized for Twitter and Facebook

Automating your content to be accessible to Google, Yahoo and Bing is important. These search engines require hidden tags to facilitate ranking and keyword optimization. Here, Linear has always been in the forefront. for more information about search engine optimization see Site Maps and Site tags and Keywords.

This is never ending challenge, because you don't know what's next in promoting your web site on the Internet. Certainly, integrating with facebook and twitter is a recent phenomenon, but that doesn't mean Linear isn't up for the challenge.

Facebook and twitter
Your content is automatically tagged for Facebook identifying key elements such as image, author, date and title. When someone "likes" or "recommends" your site content, the facebook result will be perfect. If the entry doesn't have an image, the system will pull your site icon.

Throughout your site, you can have linear place Twitter and Facebook interfaces. Although inconspicuous, this page is riddled with opportunities to share the information of the viewer's social media network.

Your Linear system can even builds widgets which pull your facebook and twitter feeds back into your site. This page features both a facebook and twitter feed widget. Sorry, our facebook feed is lame.

Client Social Networks
Linear even allows you to store social network links with listings on your web site. Easily provide a link to virtually any network - youtube, facebook, twitter and more. For an example, see the Indy's Child listing in the Restaurant directory.

Facebook Commenting
Linear Publishing has always had a rich commenting system, but with most clients they require a captcha or sign-in. Often, comments remain un-posted until the web site moderator reviews and approves. With a click of the button, we can have your Linear site using facebook's commenting interface. This article has the feature turned on below.

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smiley peteFor a small publishing company, with large amounts of content, wanting to make an impressive charge into cyberspace, without prior web-publishing experience, Linear Publishing delivered everything we needed, and even options we didn't know existed, in a quick and effective manner.

Linear's staff worked with us to make sure we had the site we wanted, and the software provided is easy and vast for continuous changes and improvements.

Within a month of launching, the results have already gone well beyond hopes and expectations. I recommend Linear Publishing as far as somebody is allowed to make a recommendation.

Robbie Clark
Web editor
Smiley Pete Publishing