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Site Tags and Key Words

Site Tags allow you to create relationships between the many parts of your Linear site. For example, this item is tagged with "Politics" and "Education". You can use the inset links to view other Site content sharing these tags.

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To initiate tags, simply declare a Site Tag like "Politics" or "Education". Then, whenever adding or editing information within your Linear system, you'll have check boxes for your active Site Tags - just click to choose the applicable tags. Unless otherwise directed, the Linear system will incorporate the applied site tags into the Meta words for the page.

Highlighting: Within editorial and blogs, you can direct your Linear system to "activate" site tags within the body copy. Either the first or all instances of the site tag will become direct links to related site content.

On your Web site, tagged items will include inset links to related content sharing the same Tag. Extensive controls allow you to determine the appearance and application of Tags.

Can't decide which Site Tag applies? No problem, any item within your Linear system can handle up to 20 Site Tags. The system will blend the tagged content on the Web site.

Currently, the Linear system can apply Site Tags to the following content:Keywords allow you to maintain and apply special words which become links either on or off your site. Keywords can be made to look identical to Site Tag links - or have a slightly different appearance. The keyword here is "Albert Einstein" and Politics is a site tag.

Keywords generally link to related content on the internet. Each keyword can be designated to open in a new window, or a window with a return bar for your site, or off-site completely or internal to your site. For example, the keyword "Drudge" will open the The Drudge Report in a new window with a return bar while "Calendar Listings" will link to the Calendar of this web site.

The keyword interface includes an automated "wiki" feature which will automatically construct the appropriate link to Wikipedia for the word. "Albert Einstein" uses the wiki feature.

Keyword implementation is available in both the editorial system and the blogs. Keywords are developed and applied on the fly while working with your content.

Tags: Education, Politics

corydonI've had a great experience with Linear Publishing. The system was easy to learn, and Greg and his staff are always available to answer any questions I may have.

Our readers are apparently liking the results, too, because our visits to the web site have tripled this year.

Chris Timberlake, Web Development
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