January 28 • 09:41 PM
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Multi Media Embeds

With internet advances in speed, the options for including multi-media links within your content become more realistic. If only there were a way to easily present these rich content tools. Well, now there is thanks to Linear's demanding clients.

This editorial item features an example set of multi-media. The "Indianapolis" picture has been highlighted to appear in a larger format atop the media embed. Try clicking the multi-media links for the full experience.

With Editorial items and Blog entries you can embed
  • You Tubes
  • Flash
  • Web Pages
  • Quicktime Movies
  • Audio Files
  • Images

These are user-controlled settings for determines the look, placement and feel of the multi-media embed. You can replace, size or eliminate the media icons. You can define CSS containers to enclose almost any portion of the media window. You can even have normal editorial and blog images included within the media presentation

When a web visitor clicks to view the media, it will open in an "overlay" setting which can be closed returning to the parent page. Each media item will allow the visitor to scroll forwards and backwards to other media. The overlay will always adjust to the new media. You can even include "hidden" media - items which don't appear in the multi-media window, but do appear when a user is "scrolling" through the media overlay -great for editorial specific photo galleries.

Management Interface
When working with either Editorial or Blogs, there is an "Attached Media" section. Just click to add an item - Viola! Seriously, you can add any type of media in seconds. There are previews available at all times.

Other Features
You front page presentations can include icons with editorial and blog items which offer these new media tools. Like the media window, the icons are specific to the type of media. Of course, you'll have controls to select, style and size the icons in this presentation format. Click Here for an example of the icon indicators.

Tags: Design

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SMDP"After years of subpar online publishing services, we discovered the answer to everything we were looking for in Linear Publishing. Linear is so easy to use and so quick to respond that our site was up in no time. Their online manual is invaluable but their staff is also extremely responsive. They have so many features that we may never use but they are there if and when we want to use them. Most recently, we created our mobile site. Within an hour it was up and running. Linear far exceeds their competition and our expectations."

Connie Sommerville
Operations Manager
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