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Editorial Lists & Announcements

Editorial Lists are powerful tools for displaying information in a tabular, searchable format. This is ideal for announcements, notices, weddings, births, product reviews, etc.

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Editorial list are principally designed to be embedded within editorial sections. If you had and editorial list named "Sports Scores", the reference and link to the list could automatically be included with your sports section. Editorial Lists can also easily be accessed through menu items, ads and even your own HTML code - whatever it takes to get them seen.

Initially, you will define a new editorial list you wish to start. Then, you will define the fields which will be part of this list. Each field may designated for the type of data (text, numeric, date).

Bottom line, wether scores or police reports, you can design as many editorial lists as you need for your community publication. Each Editorial list has independent CSS Controls for styling the content. Each field definition within an Editorial List can be styled using CSS Tools (see CSS).

Lists are shown on your Web site in a descending chronological order listing every list item ever. Your Web visitors may search - and even submit - information. Editorial lists can also be configured to offer subscriber value by limiting the viewing and/or searching to paid subscribers.

Each editorial list can be custom configured for appearance and accompanying content (i.e. ads!).

Public Submissions: individual lists can be permissioned to allow the public to submit information to the list. Optionally, public submissions will issue and email alert to your office. Obviously, public submissions can be configured to not appear on the website until reviewed by your staff. Additional fields for contact information/phone numbers can be included in the submission process.

Click Here for an on-site example of Birth Announcements.

Click Here for an on-site example of the Engagement Announcements.

Click Here for an on-site example of the "Sports Scores" editorial list.

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