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Visuals and Reprints

Its hard to combine simplicity and power, but we think Linear does a pretty good job in the editorial visuals department.


Maximum number of images: There is no practical limit to the number of images you can place with a single editorial item. This page has 13 images (2 not shown - see below).

Size Limitations: You can upload and place any size image with your Linear system. Out automated functions make routine work a breeze, but you can manually upload and place any image (PDF, JPG or GIF format).

Image Edit Screen
Image Edit Screen
Editing: You can add, edit or delete any image at any time for future, past or present editorial.

Searching: Your Linear system can be configured to allow visitors to search your editorial visuals by date, title and photographer. Click here to list all visuals chronologically descending with the search feature enabled. Click here to see a list of visuals from photographer Natalie Powers.

Adding Images

Essentially, you'll be uploading any sized image (approximately 8" wide at 72 dpi is the target) in either a GIF or JPG format. Using your user-defined sizes, the Linear system will create 3 copies of the uploaded image (small, medium and large) and automatically link the images together.

When adding or editing images, you'll be able to define the size, alignment, placement, borders, shadows, captions, the photographer and reprint privileges. With photo captions, you may define the placement relative to the photo and text alignment. Typically, you'll let your Editorial Visual Defaults populate these values, but with Linear it's all about the exception.

Moe Howard

Curly Howard

Larry Fine

Shemp Howard

Curly Joe DeRita

Joe Besser
Image Groups

Your Linear system will allow you to group images into rows columns or clusters. this example is an image cluster where each row is defined to have 2 images. When grouping images, each individual image has all the normal controls for alignment, bordering, shadows, reprints and captions.

Why use image groups? You may not realize it, but a couple of times a year - or month - you'll find yourself wanting to group images for presentation. Hey, if you never use the grouping feature we don't care, but when you do need it - Linear is the only system which builds in the ability. Sure our competitors will come around, but we like to always be raising the bar.

This example is the classic use for image grouping where there are six related visuals - each needing a cutline. Each image opens to a larger version. While reprints have been disabled for these images, each could be linked to allow for individual reprints.


Bruce Wark
Bruce Wark
It may seem like a small thing, but small things add up. Each image or group may be individually aligned within the text of an editorial item. This paragraph features a small visual aligned to the left. Depending on the alignment of the image, you may also want to adjust the placement and alignment of the cutline.

Tim Bousquet
Tim Bousquet drawing. Nice.
Why switch alignment with your visuals? Well it can offer an interesting contrast. Some visuals can introduce a topic and would appear at the start or beginning of a paragraph. Other photos are referenced within the text and are more suitably aligned to the right. This paragraph examples an image aligned right with the cutline placed to the right of the image.

The city that never sleeps. This centered image appears between paragraphs.
Manhattan Skyline

Interestingly, images or groups may also be aligned "center" placing the image between paragraphs. For the full width presentation, your Linear system includes a setting specifically for uploading visuals to this user-defined width.

Kid playing tennis
JT Wynne serves during his championship effot in the Miami 10 and under tournament. He won.
Photo by Natalie Powers.
reprints Reprints

Using either your Linear database of predefined photographers or a manually entered photographer name, your Linear system will seamlessly include the photo credit with photo caption. By clicking on the photographer's name, you'll be taken to a chronological listing of all photos associated with that photographer. The example image to the right (tennis player) includes a photo credit link.


There are many excellent companies on the Internet providing reprint services to publications; however, you are welcome to use your Linear powered site to offer photo reprints. The reprint feature can be enabled as a default and/or applied to individual images. The link can either appear with the image, or made available when browsing editorial images. The reprints feature can also be enabled with your Linear system's Photo Galleries.

Images not shown

Sometimes, you'll have more images than you can show. No problem. Simply upload them to your Linear system using the "not shown" feature. Your editorial item will include a link to all images indicating there are additional images not shown here.

22nd century"Linear Publishing is a great company to work with. Their flexible CMS handles all aspects of our editorial publishing, ad placement, and website design. The best part is that they are just a phone call away whenever we need a custom solution to exactly meet our needs. In the ever-changing world of online publishing, that is a must-have."

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