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Feedback allows Web visitors to post comments to an editorial item, editorial list, blogs and more. Submissions can be reviewed prior to posting on the site - depending on you preference. Visitors submit a title, body and their name, and it is posted directly below the editorial item. The post box is immediately below the already posted entries and can be accessed by any visitor.

The system can be configured to "disable" new submissions to an item after a certain number of days. Also, you can restrict submissions to Web visitors who have registered with your Site.

The feedback feature is useful for comments, reviews, and opinions. Visitors can comment and leave their opinion on editorial items and subjects. Also, this feature is useful with editorial lists. Such as CD, DVD, and other product reviews. Visitors can leave their own reviews and opinions surrounding a product. This provides a variety of reviews on an object and a much more diverse range of opinions. Visitors will be able to read other visitors views on an object or subject. When used in conjunction with Ratings you have a powerfule too for building and rewarding community participation.

Seen on the right side of this page, the feedback system can generate automatic information which keeps your site always changing. Each item listed in the "Recent Feedback" insert is linked to it's originating source. Also, the Linear system has a page which lists all feedback in descending chronological order. Each item listed is linked to it's originating source.

The feedback feature, despite its ease of use and simplicity, is a very important and substantial improvement in the system. Hopefully, it will allow companies to better understand the users and provide feedback to learn and improve.

Currently, the Linear system can apply feedback to the following content: Click here for an example of an editorial list with feedback enabled.

Click here for a listing of all feedback in descending chronological order.

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    Useful Feature
    November 28, 2005 | 03:27 PM

    The new feedback feature is very useful for users who wish to leave their opinion on an editorial or item. It allows them to easily leave feedback adn their own opinions. I think it is a great improvement.

    Joe Shmoe
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    Feedback ROCKS!
    November 28, 2005 | 03:28 PM

    Thanks for adding this super feature. It helps my company to know what the readers are thinking and feeling. It really allows our company to better understand out readers.

    Sarah Smith
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    No, you rock Sarah
    April 24, 2012 | 01:04 PM

    Saw your comment and could not agree more. I wish more people would participate in teh web site. Keeps the community close and engaged.

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    November 28, 2005 | 03:31 PM

    With the editorial list, this feedback feature allows readers and users to leave their opinions and reviews of items. Our cd, dvd, and music listings are now fully equiped with a review page displaying other users opinions of the products and providing readers with a ture and more personal view on the object.

    Remington Bones
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    Community Journalism Lives
    December 21, 2007 | 06:41 AM

    The best thing about feedback is that it gives you a window to the pulse of the community. Out floats an article of local interest - then boom, people start reacting to the article and each other. It educates and unites our community.

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    Sample Entry - ain't no thang
    June 28, 2008 | 02:08 PM

    Tried this once before, but the paste status forced the system to boot, so no typing by hand. Good excercise as it forces me to think on my finger tips.

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times newspapersWhen we realized we needed to upgrade our Web site, we knew we could not do it alone. Linear Publishing more than answered the call. All the new features we were looking for were already in place at Linear. In addition, if we came up with a feature not yet available, they created it.

We now publish two Web sites a week in less time than it took us to publish one. The free time has opened me up to explore new ideas and features to use on our site. It's a great feeling when you can get an idea and in no time have it up and running online. Thanks to it's ease of use, our Web site is getting better and better every day.

We are always getting compliments from our readers and advertisers. With help from Linear Publishing, we are becoming the e-voice of the community that we were striving for.

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No, you rock Sarah

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Saw your comment and could not agree more. I wish more people would participate in teh web site. Keeps  »


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Tried this once before, but the paste status forced the system to boot, so no typing by hand. Good excercise  »

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