April 01 • 12:50 PM
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Incumbents struggle in town elections

Mayor Curly reacts to charges of bing a political stooge.
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Voters in six towns had their say yesterday in elections for town council members and clerk-treasurers. Below are the results, which may be unofficial based on provisional ballots.

In Elizabeth, challenger Adrian Hall will be the town's next clerk-treasurer, after narrowly beating out incumbent Hugh Burns. The final tallies for that race, of 78 votes cast, Burns received 37 to Hall's 41.

Alan Worrell won the at-large town council seat by only one vote, against Brad Evans, the incumbent, and Bob Libka. Worrell received 32 votes, Evans received 31 votes and Libka received 11.

Mike Sampson, who ran unopposed for the East District seat, received 64 votes. Chris Fetz Jr., also unopposed for the West District seat, received 58 votes.

Voters in Palmyra appear to have elected to replace two of their three current council members. Alvin Brown and Paul Eveslage were the top vote-getters, receiving 103 and 99, respectively. They will join incumbent Virginia (Jenny) Kirkham, who received 95 votes. The results are unofficial, pending 19 provisional ballots. Harrison County Circuit Clerk Sherry Brown said the results will be official within 10 days.

The other candidates' totals were: incumbent Joe Robbeloth, 88 votes; Roy (Speedy) McClanahan, 77; incumbent George Morgan, 68; Elwood Rowe, 56; and Andrea Rook, 48.

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Virginia Dale will retain the clerk-treasurer position, after defeating two opponents. She received 122 votes, while Michael D.L. Dennis collected 63 votes, and Kimberly L. Poer had 32 votes.

Of Georgetown's three council seats, two at-large seats were up for grabs. Karla Perkins, with 310 votes, and Mike Mills, 308 votes, were elected. Incumbent Margaret Hammersmith fell short of another bid, receiving 198 votes.

Aaron Striegel defeated incumbent Gary Smith and another challenger, Michael F. Martin, for the District 1 seat. The vote was Striegel, 313; Smith, 144; and Martin, 20. The District 2 seat was won by Everett C. Pullen, who defeated Charlotte Bass, 302 to 167. Billy W. Stewart was unopposed for the District 3 seat and had 365 votes.

Georgetown's current clerk-treasurer, Doug Cook, who was unopposed, received 364 votes.

The six-person race for three seats on the Milltown Town Council came down to a few votes. The winners were incumbent Curt Hudson, who collected the most votes with 152, followed by Anna Jean (Jeanie) Melton, who received 141 votes, and Jerry M. (Monty) Garrett, 103 votes.

Melissa L. Cast, 21, narrowly missed out on a position on the council, with 100 votes. The other two candidates were Jeff Carroll Sr., 84 votes, and Donnie Bean, 69 votes.

In the Milltown clerk-treasurer race, incumbent Linda R. Pevlor was narrowly defeated by Evanelle M. Goss, 98 to 91 votes. Candidate Tami Spencer Griswold received 40 votes.

A total of 233 ballots were cast in yesterday's election in the town.

Two of the three incumbents on the Marengo Town Council were elected to another four-year term, while the third current councilman lost his bid to serve again.

Tony Jones and Ralph D. Sherron were the top vote-getters, garnering 136 and 103 votes, respectively. Joining the two incumbents on the council in January will be Tonia D. Jones Elliott, who received 96 votes.

John R. (Bob) Pierson, who was an incumbent, received 60 votes. The other council candidates were Phil Jones, 89 votes; Rebecca J. (Becky) Smith, 80; and Sherry Jenkins, 55.

Mike Haverstock was elected clerk-treasurer, receiving 147 votes. His opponent, Glen H. Laws, had 76 votes.

In Greenville's District 2 race, Talbotte Richardson, who was appointed three years ago to the town council, defeated challenger Barry Ginkins, 75 to 32 votes. The District 3 race was closer, with Hanzel A. Barclay defeating first-time politician Bob Voll, 67 votes to 41. Randal Johnes, who was unopposed, for the District 1 seat, garnished 70 votes.

Jack Travillian, who was unopposed for clerk-treasurer, received 86 votes.

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