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Holiday Travel
Has the instability in fuel costs altered your holiday travel plans?
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Poll inclusions have many controls of which the other inclusions can only dream. To begin, a Poll inclusion can hold up to 26 potential answers. When a Web visitor selects an answer, a window opens (sized to the particular poll) and their vote is added to the total when presenting the poll results.

Polls can be placed anywhere on your site. With classified categories, editorial sections, site pages, etc. - or, as in this case, embedded within editorial. Naturally, polls can be placed in any custom layout.

This Example This page features four embedded examples:
  1. The "Holiday Travel" poll has commenting enabled and uses a results template with "Jet Blue" advertising. Custom CSS styles have been applied to the header and custom CSS containers have been applied to the body.

  2. The "Colts All Stars" poll allows viewing the results without voting. The Ajax response shows results immediately on this page.

  3. The "How Smart are You?" inclusion is a Quiz which has a correct answer - viewing the results has been disabled here. The response includes a monochrome gray bar format.

  4. The "Celebrity Challenge" poll is shown embedded within the site with "Coffee" as the sponsor of the results. These results feature a pie chart.
Responses: With individual polls and quizzes you can determine a variety of responses. Commonly, polls and quizzes use an AJax response where the results appear immediately in place of the poll/quiz. Results windows will open a window where an advertiser can be promoted. Embedded within the site goes to results page where ads and other related content can be presented with the poll results.

Results Templates: Define multiple templates for displaying poll results. With each poll, simply select the appropriate template. Template controls allow for the most exacting design needs. Using Linear's CSS controls you can deliver a custom presentation for the presenting sponsor.

Commenting: Allow voters to include comments with their votes. Your Poll templates allow the comments to scroll within the results window for presentation integrity. Easily edit the comments in seconds.

Management Speed: Using the poll archiving feature, you can change your site's front page opinion poll in less than a minute.

Sponsors: When opening poll/quiz results in a window, your polls can have a sponsor! The Sponsor's logo surrounds the poll results and -optionally - links to the sponsor's Web site. When embedded within the site, you can define a particular ad grouping to accompany the results. Using a family of Ads )Background, Leaderboard, Box, etc.) you can really deliver value to the sponsor.

Integrity Safeguards: Your polls are designed to minimize multiple voting from a single computer. Using IP address tracking and cookies, the system will do it's best to maintain the integrity of your polls. Also, you can define how often an individual can retake the same poll - daily, weekly, etc.

Retirement: Your polls can be scheduled to retire. After a pre-defined period, a particular poll will cease accepting new votes. The results will still be visible, but new votes will not be allowed.

Bar and Pie Charts: Your Poll results can be shown as either a bar or pie chart. In the case of bar charts, you'll be able to specify the colors - or use a rainbow.

How Smart are You?
Who won the 1977 Oscar for best actor in a Leading Role?
View Recent Polls: If you desire, your polls can include a link to a list of all recent polls presented in descending chronological order. Each poll links to it's results. if a poll is still open (non-retired), the Web visitor can vote from this interface. Click here for a list of Site Polls sorted chronologically descending.

CSS Controls: Your polls will adopt system defaults for their appearance, but feel free to apply custom CSS styles and containers to any portion of the poll.

Polls Galore: Although Poll inclusions do not enjoy placement advantages over other inclusion types, it is important to realize you can have multiple polls on your site. In fact, you could have up to 16 polls on a given page.

Quiz Format: One variety of Poll inclusion has a correct answer defined. When Web visitor's vote, the results will show the correct answer and congratulate the visitor if their choice was correct.

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