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What are they?

You've seen them throughout our site. Inclusions are snippets of information which can be called in the right hand directories, on a page or in the menu. Inclusions can be called by sections, categories, pages - even individual editorial items. They add interest to your site as well as providing a tool for delivering attractive, related and timely content. From a design standpoint, there's no limit as to what your inclusions may be capable.more marker

Generated Inclusions

Generated inclusions are routinely produced when other parts of your system are updated. Classified categories, Directory listings and Calendar events keep your advertiser prominent and your site fresh.more marker

Double Truck Inclusions

Most Linear clients feature a double right rail - allowing 2 columns of content (i.e. ads, inclusions, etc.). These columns can be capped by Double Truck inclusions.more marker

Image Inclusions

Quick and simple. These inclusions allow you place an image, control its location throughout your site.more marker

Links Inclusion

Collections of up to 8 links which can be used again and again.more marker

List Inclusions

Present text information in bullet, lettered or numeric listed formats. Great for side bars.more marker

Mail Inclusions

Up to 8 email links give your audience a tool to interact.more marker

Media Inclusions

List up to 4 media files within an inclusion. Each opens a player for online presentation.more marker

Poll Inclusions

The most widley used - a staple for any local Web site serving the community.more marker

Resource Inclusions

Provide your Web visitor with internet tools from your site - you'll become their "go to" source.more marker

RSS Inclusions

Heard of RSS Feeds? Well, with Linear you can incorporate them within your site.more marker

Scroll Inclusions

Add motion and interest to your web site. Fun and a good use of screen real estate.more marker

Standard Inclusions

The original remains one of the most popular. Combine images, text and even tables.more marker

Text Inclusions

Sometimes the simplest and easiest is the best. Wicked fast side bars for editorial.more marker
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New Multi-Media Embed

We've added a new multi-media feature available to Editorial items and Blog entries. Easily allows users to attach Youtubes, Flash, Audio, Web Pages, Quicktime Movies and extended images. The attached ...more»
Featured Restaurant
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Chez Widgets

1901 Borad Ripple Ave
indianapolis, IN 46220
This is a sample description for Chez Widgets in the restaurant guide. They would describe their food, environment and policies. You can have limits on directory listings to prevent entries from being »
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Sample Media Group
This inclusion groups media files into a single source.
Colts Links
In case you want to learn more about the Colts, here are some Web resources.
Online Encyclopedia
Enter keyword(s) and let Wikipedia look it up.
Linear Examples
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Frame Example

One of our coolest design features is the ability to place frames around items.

You an use countless frame designs. The frames are configured to expand and contract with the content, so the integrity of the site is always maintained.
Top Calendar Events
Summer Day Camp
Indiana Academy of Fine & Performing Arts is Now Enrolling for Summer Day Camp in the Arts.
Michael Feinstein - Spring Pops Series Concert
Performed by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Tickets available by calling 639-4300 or online at www.
04 - 02 - 20
Linear Wows
Five things we do that our competitors don't.
  1. Cool Letters - personalized HTML email
  2. Manuals and Tours - Internet based presentations.
  3. Community Publishing - over 20 solutions
  4. Site Customization - every color, dimension, font and visual
  5. Print Display Ads

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Recent Birthdays
iconLon Chaney (1883)
Chaney was an American silent-film actor. Born to parents who were both deaf and mute, he learned to express himself through pantomime at an early age...
iconJack Johnson (1878)
The son of two ex-slaves, Johnson was the world's first African-American heavyweight champion. At the height of his career, Johnson was excoriated by the press for having twice married white women, and he offended white supremacists by defeating former champion James J...